I have to admit, I wasn’t exactly looking forward to this part of the course when I saw it on the syllabus. I always viewed it as boring and something that would be too in-depth for me to understand. When I first started, I assumed this would be an assignment that I viewed as a chore and didnt look forward to, however, I really enjoyed it most of the time! I even finished 100% of the three courses instead of just 75% for two and 100% for the third. Some days I would code for hours and not feel bored so I just kept going. I really liked the structure of the CodeAcademy courses, as you had the instructions on the left, your workspace in the middle, and the actual site you were building on the right. It allowed me to really understand the intricacies and how detailed coding is in order to present the website as it is meant to be. I also like the show me the solution option which helped when I really got stuck on some little detail and couldn’t figure out how to complete a section. I will admit, I don’t remember everything I learned from these courses, but some of the knowledge stuck in my mind and I hope to remember it enough to put it into action in the future whether for a job or personal use. The things I learned that I found most interesting where how to change the colors of text, add photos and videos, and change the size of the fonts.

I completed the following:

Learn CSS

  • Selectors and Visual Rules
  • The Box Model
  • Display and Positioning
  • Colors
  • Typography
  • Grid

Learn HTML

  • Elements and Structure
  • Tables
  • Forms
  • Semantic HTML

How to Make a Website

  • Site Structure
  • A Closer Look at CSS
  • Boundaries and Space
  • Building with Bootstrap
  • Build, Deploy, and Host a Personal Portfolio with Namecheap

Below are screenshots of the completion of the three courses as well as all the badges I have accumulated.