DS106 – Week #2 – What’s the Meme?

DS106 – Week #2 – What’s the Meme?

When I scrolled through the assortment of meme-able images provided by Professor Cripps, I knew I had to choose Sokka! For some reason, Avatar was never one of the shows I watched regularly as a kid. However, I have fellow geek/nerd friends who watched the show growing up and informed me that it was now on Netflix and that I needed to binge it. So…. thats what I’m currently doing in my free time between classwork. Being an animal lover, of course Appa and Momo, along with the creative animal mashup species like the Otter penguins, Ostrich Horses, and Fire ferrets, are my favorite characters. However, as far as humans go, Sokka is definitely a favorite! He brings comic relief in his exaggerated movements and reactions to the sticky situations he gets himself into on the regular. His look of disdain and confusion on his face in this screen cap just begged me to make it into a meme. I then thought of things that I have heard or seen on the internet recently that cause me to make a Sokka face. One of these things is the conspiracy theories around the Coronavirus. Not only do I think these theories are idiotic and disrespectful to the thousands of people who have lost their lives or their loved ones, but they are just downright jaw dropping. How could someone believe these lies when we have science and doctors? One theory that is really out there in terms of plausibility is the idea that the virus can be caused by the radiation coming from 5G and our cell phones. This ridiculous claim seemed to fit perfectly with this image, so a meme was born. This theory also gave me an idea for a pandemic horror film… What if viruses actually were spread through cell phones and technology? I think a large part of the world just couldn’t resist the temptation to be on their devices and would contract the virus pretty rapidly. Anyway, I have never created a meme before and look forward to see what other meme-able images are laid before us for the picking.


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