DS106 Week #3 – Movie GIF (Say it Like the Peanut Butter)

DS106 Week #3 – Movie GIF (Say it Like the Peanut Butter)

I am a big movie fan so it was tough to just pick one movie scene to make a GIF from. I used the website Gifrun and it was a lot quicker and easier to do than I thought it would be. I am not only a fan of live action films, but also animated films. Not the cheap budget, low creativity made only for kids animated films, but the smart, beautifully animated, wonderfully scored films that offer kids and adults alike an experience. One movie that fits those categories for me is the How to Train your Dragon trilogy which is (in my opinion) the best animated trilogy to date. It’s characters are well developed, the animation is ground breaking and beautiful, especially lighting and the environment in films 2 and 3. I love this film trilogy most of all for the relationship between the main viking protagonist Hiccup, and the main dragon protagonist, Toothless. It is one of the best human-animal relationships I have seen in a film and its made even more engaging due to the fantasy element of dragons living among humans. There is such a beautiful arc for the two main characters. Hiccup starts as a young viking that is taught to kill dragons since they set viking villages on fire and steal their livestock. However, Hiccup is unable to commit this act against another living creature and ends up forming an unbreakable bond with the deadliest dragon species the vikings know of, the Night Fury. By the end of the trilogy, every viking has their own dragon companion and they must say goodbye to their dragons in order to protect them from other vikings who are still set in their ancient belief of dragons being vermin that need to be eradicated. Not only does the film boast beautiful animation, storytelling and characters, but it also has one of my favorite film scores ever, by composer John Powell. I chose a very important scene from the first film for my GIF, when Hiccup works up the courage to try and touch Toothless for the first time, and Toothless is learning that Hiccup means him no harm and could possibly be a friend. If anyone hasn’t seen the trilogy yet, look up How to Train your Dragon Forbidden Friendship scene on youtube and watch the (approx. 5 minute) video for a wonderful scene from the first film!


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