DS106 Week #4 – Home Video GIF

DS106 Week #4 – Home Video GIF

I had a lot of fun scrolling through the videos from the last few months on my iPhone. Sure, I haven’t done anything super exciting due to quarantine, but home videos are most treasured and special to me when they show a funny, exciting, or important moment I share with my family. Like most people in quarantine, not being able to visit the hairdressers has caused some whacky, longer than normal haircuts! My dad’s hair has grown much longer than normal and sometimes he would jokingly put a hair tie at the top of his head to try and get it out of his eyes. We had just finished eating dinner and my dad was checking his phone. My mom said she was going to “style his hair” but she decided to play a little joke on him and get some scissors from the drawer and pretend to cut his “ponytail” off (she didnt actually cut any hair)! His reaction was priceless and I knew this moment in the video was perfect to be made into a GIF for this assignment! I used the site Giphy and decided to add a little caption with a fun animation that really added to the GIF.


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