Daily Create #tdc3086

Daily Create #tdc3086


For this t-shirt design challenge, I decided to combine my short height with my love of birds! I used a photo I took of an adorable endangered Piping plover chick on a beach in Maine, and paired it with a few quick words to complete the shirt.#tdc3086 pic.twitter.com/qs9yHFPJ8U— MorganaQ_UNE (@MorganaqUne) June 25, 2020

So, for this t-shirt design challenge, I wanted to somehow incorporate birds (shocker I know). Whenever I see an article of clothing or household item with a bird on it, I feel the need to purchase it. So, I thought I would have some fun with designing a shirt with a bird on it. I took photos of endangered Piping plover shorebirds in Maine last week and I was captivated by how tiny and fragile these little chicks really are! However, they run around the sand along the ocean tides digging up food to survive. They are powerful and resilient for their tiny size, so I decided to go with that idea for the shirt. I also happen to be a bit on the smaller side myself, being a 23 year old that is only 4′ 10″ tall. So, I combined my photo of a tiny yet strong bird, as well as the idea that my height doesnt mean that I am weak, but instead that I am strong (as I was often picked on in middle school for my height and still get snarky comments even in college). I used customink.com to design my shirt, and then took a screenshot of my finished t-shirt design.


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