Daily Create #tdc3059

Daily Create #tdc3059


Here is my take on the From FL with Love postcard prompt! (Open fullscreen for full image!) #ds106dc #tdc3059 pic.twitter.com/FUaH457ES9— MorganaQ_UNE (@MorganaqUne) May 29, 2020

For this Daily create, I knew I wanted to showcase the beauty of Vermont and one of the big things that nature loving Vermonters are doing right now is birding! Spring migration is still happening and birds are starting to enter the breeding phase of the season. This means lots of singing birds. I went birding early this morning at one of my favorite local spots and came across this adorable Yellow warbler singing his heart out. I decided to use him as the image on my postcard as he was so sunny and cheerfully colored which is much needed during these dark times. I added a bit of humor with the speech bubble coming from the singing warbler, and added an important tagline down at the bottom. If I am sending greetings from Vermont to someone during this time, I would much rather them look at an adorable migratory bird, rather than everything being closed and popular and well-known Vermont businesses looking like ghost towns. To create the postcard, I dragged my warbler photo into Photoshop and found a speech bubble PNG on google. I then typed out what I wanted my postcard to say on different layers and then exported it as a compact JPEG file.


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