DS106 Week #6 – Forrest Gump Project

DS106 Week #6 – Forrest Gump Project

Heres a before and after side-by-side comparison! (Before on left, after on right)

Edited photo with me watching the Apollo 11 launch!

I was pretty intrigued and excited when I read this assignment! My approach for the project was to think about an important historical event that I wish I was alive for and able to observe/take part in. I have been really interested in and inspired by NASA space exploration since I was pretty young. I never wanted to be an astronaut, but I always found space exploration to be an exciting part of our countries history. The amount of people it takes to get the astronauts safely into space and to their destination is unimaginable to me. I’m especially in awe of the people behind the scenes who have to do the calculations and crunch the numbers to figure out how to build the shuttles, how to launch them, and all that comes with shooting a space shuttle into space.

By the way, little side-note, if you too find space exploration fascinating, I highly suggest the film Hidden Figures! It tells the story of three brilliant African-American women at NASA who were the brains behind the operation of sending astronaut John Glenn into orbit in the early 1960s.

So, if I had to pick a historical event to be present for, I would choose the Apollo 11 launch! This photo I found is of a crowd in Central Park, NY watching Neil Armstrong take man’s first steps on the moon on large television screens. I downloaded the photo to Photoshop. I then took a selfie where I am looking in the general direction of everyone in the crowd. I imported that selfie into photoshop and used the select and mask tool to cut myself out of the photo and paste it to the original photo. I placed it at a good spot in the crowd where there was a bit of dead space, and then I turned down the opacity on my selfie layer so I could erase parts of my photo to make it look like I am behind the people in front of me. I’m overall happy with it, but I wish both my selfie and the original photo looked the same resolution wise.

Credit for original photo is NASA via the following article: https://tucson.com/moon-memories/article_5c3aa65c-e930-5cde-a2ad-8ef283d55504.html


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