Daily Create #tdc3077

Daily Create #tdc3077

This is Boomer, our loyal boxer whose personality is like an old man. He’d probably say something like, “I love my family (even when they dress me up in weird costumes) because they love and care for me and saved me from a family who treated me poorly” #tdc3077 pic.twitter.com/VJSxCcMYly— MorganaQ_UNE (@MorganaqUne) June 15, 2020

Since my mom and I are both photographers, our pets are all common subjects in our photos when we are not photographing wildlife. Boxers are known for their expressive and emotive faces, and this is one of my favorite photos I have taken of Boomer. He is a very loyal and well behaved pup and puts up with whatever outfits or costumes he might be dressed up in for photos. I was doing an emulate a photographer assignment for a photography class at CCV, my previous college before UNE, and I was emulating William Wegmen who photographs his Weimaraner dogs in different poses and outfits. I just love his face in this photo. He put up with the many costume changes but this one is towards the end and it just looks like he is totally over it and done with being the subject of my photos. If Boomer could talk, I think his attitude and voice would be similar to the main character Carl from Up. Carl is a cranky old man but has a really loyal and soft side and this is very similar to how I think Boomer would be if he was a human or if he could talk at least. If he could speak, I think he would say that he loves his family as he is very attached to us and doesn’t trust strangers, only the close members of his family that he knows well. He was mistreated in his previous home so he is happy to be with us where he is loved and very well cared for.


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