Daily Create #tdc3067

Daily Create #tdc3067


I took inspiration from the recent internet emergence of “hacktivist” group Anonymous. They’re speaking up because of the police brutality against POC in America and I tried to imagine what a ransom note to cops from Anonymous would look like. #tdc3067 pic.twitter.com/Kq0qnr8KfG— MorganaQ_UNE (@MorganaqUne) June 5, 2020

This was a very timely daily create challenge. I think the state of our country over the past few weeks has really woken a lot of people up. I know it really has for me. The peaceful protesting, as well as resources and videos shared online by friends and family have allowed me to become more educated. I have always lived life believing that by caring about others and believing that all people are equal no matter their skin color, that I was doing enough. However, I am realizing more and more that my assumption was wrong. It is no longer acceptable for me as a white person in this country to simply believe in my heart that all people are equal regardless of the color of their skin. In order to end systemic racism, we cannot stay silent any longer. White Americans have a duty to not only believe that, but also to put it into action. Peacefully protesting alongside black Americans is part of that, but so is raising your voice online and spreading awareness. We must show the country and the world that this must end. White Americans will never truly understand the struggle that our brothers and sisters of color face on a daily basis. However, we must do what we can to show them we care and amplify their voices that have been drowned out for far too long. I saw that the “hacktivist” Anonymous has recently resurfaced online after being silent for quite a while. They are known for their cyber attacks on different governments and government agencies. They are adding their voice to the cries of Americans calling for the end of police brutality. I wish every single cop that has treated a POC in America poorly or unjustly, or has killed a POC in America, would get their justice served. I obviously have no idea what Anonymous has or doesn’t have in the way of dirt on people, but I wanted to imagine what a ransom note (sort of a blackmail note too) would look like from Anonymous to the cops of America if they had proof of their crimes against Americans.


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